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Profile Of Sherry Hill
     Sherry Hill is co-owner of P.E.P.P. Unlimited, a consulting, training, management and marketing company for new and established personal care facilities throughout the state of Pennsylvania. In 1979, she began her career in personal care as an Activity Director for an Assisted Living facility in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania after teaching in the public school system for several years. Throughout her career, she has served in many roles including direct care giving, nursing, management, marketing, and public relations. She graduated with B.S. and M.B.S. degrees in Education from the University of Missouri. She offers consulting services to potential Personal Care/Assisted Living facilities in need of start up advice or existing facilities that require support services. She works with the Department of Human Services, Department of Health, and the Department of Aging concerning issues in Personal Care/Assisted Living.
     On January 1, 1994, Ms. Hill became one of the owners and Executive Director of Anchor Inne, an Assisted Living facility exclusively designed for brain injured and neurologically impaired individuals located in Erie, Pennsylvania. In this capacity, she monitored the daily operations including individual programming, staffing, marketing, and public relations. Sherry implemented support plans which captured the individual needs of residents, and specifically designed them for the neurologically impaired.
     Ms. Hill has been an independent trainer for personal care home Administrators in the state of Pennsylvania since 1990. Sherry conducts several training sessions, including the Administrators Course many times a year. She has trained thousands of staff members of Personal Care/Assisted Living facilities and nursing homes on various health care topics. Students from all over the state have taken Sherry's courses and frequently return for other sessions that she conducts.
     Ms. Hill has been actively involved in the Personal Care/Assisted Living industry on a local, state, and national basis. Ms. Hill has served on many panels and committees concerning the Personal Care/Assisted Living industry and health care services. She also speaks at conventions, seminars, and workshops on topics such as marketing and managing Personal Care/Assisted Living facilities and employee relations and training. She also speaks frequently to various groups about such topics as gerontology, mental health, family issues related to care giving and placement, effects of brain injury on individual's and families' lives, and long term care planning. Sherry has traveled extensively throughout the state as a consultant and trainer. Her knowledge and experience in the industry is greatly respected. Sherry's career in the industry has been productive and inspiring. She has the uncanny ability to motivate individuals to strive to be the best professional and Administrator possible.
     Additionally, she is involved with several organizations, committees, and task forces which address issues within the industry. Sherry is an active member of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce, and the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce. She is a member of the Assisted Living Federation of America, Pennsylvania Health Care Association/Center for Assisted Living Management, Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania, Brain Injury Association of America and National Association of Female Executives.